Sharp design - reinvented

06 May 2019
Sharp design reinvented 1

New look SAM Spreaders have been hitting the shores of Australia as of late. With the simple, mega-reliable design that all SAM gear has a reputation for, now combined with a few smart new additions.

More stainless-steel where it is needed most cuts out the worry of rust. Spinner tubes, deflector plates, gear boxes and back door slides have all now changed to quality stainless.

Customers can now choose between manual drive spreaders or Topcon control which means the floor belt is controlled hydraulically from a screen in your cab. This computer control system gives the precise rate of application, regardless of differences in acceleration or fertiliser density.

Horizontal panels along the sides of the bin are now a singular piece. With a laser cut cog creating a window through to the polyethelene bin. It offers a strong support for the bin and SAM stickers stay put despite the rough hosing-down some owners throw their way.

Other smart, streamlined adjustments have been made. Hoses are run differently across the length of the hopper. This means gear lasts longer, build up is reduced on exposed surfaces, and less washing is needed. The side struts are also a more sleek design.

The chart on the back door now has new pointer indicators for more precision when setting back door heights.

The guards on the wheels are now standard (tandem machines only), due to consistently positive farmer feedback.

If you want to find out more contact your local dealer. Find them here.