Meet the NEW SAM Orchard Spreader

01 Jul 2020
Front side view

The latest addition to the SAM Machinery family is as simple, reliable and easy to use as the originals. Coombridge & Alexander produce an iconic range of yellow and green agricultural machinery. SAM Spreaders, Feed Wagons, Quick Hitches and Trailers have all been designed and manufactured in the heart of Hamilton since the 1940s. This year marks the 75th year they have been in business. They are celebrating by adding to their range, expanding into horticulture.

SAM Orchard Spreaders are designed to meet the needs of most modern orchards. They have a lower profile and narrower width, and provide great versatility around what you are able to spread.

Designed for spreading organic material such as compost, green matter and mulch. This machine will also spread processed fertiliser like superphosphate, lime and urea, with no change-over time!

This Orchard Spreader includes a computer controlled hydraulic floor. The SAM controller allows you to choose between spreading or banding at the touch of a button. Rates are input and you are away. The belt simply reverses - forward for banding/piling, backwards for spreading. 

When banding, the floor mat moves toward the front of the machine, moving material onto the side banding conveyor. This creates a precise banding or piling pattern in full view of the operator.

When spreading organic material like chicken manure and processed fertilisers using spinners, the floor mat moves backwards toward the spinners (for a spread pattern behind the machine). For different planting centres, spread widths can be changed by setting the speed of the spinners and from the controller.

Simply flick the control switch from your tractor for instant starting and stopping of application. No more anticipating when your product is going to come out. Increasing precision and cutting back on waste.

Stainless bin panels and plenty of stainless in the the back end of this machine make it corrosion resistant. Chassis’s also have a new evolution of painting procedure that include a thermal arc spay. It’s tough stuff!

SAM Machinery Tech & Design Engineer, Toby Stone says, 'This machine is strong and simple with clever tech. We're excited about how this will save time and effort.'

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