SAM celebrates 75 years with new PFG partnership

01 Oct 2023
Orchard PFG

Farm machinery manufacturers SAM Machinery have recently marked three quarters of a century in business. They celebrated by launching a new distribution partnership with PFG Australia.

SAM began in 1946 around the time Power Farming (then Maber Motors) began. They were both operating out of the same local farming region. One went into manufacturing and the other, sales and distribution. Power Farming have been selling SAM Machinery across New Zealand for decades. Three generations later this Australian partnership is a natural progression.

Their yellow and green gear includes SAM Spreaders for processed fertilisers as well as organic matter. They can be a simple manual drive or Topcon controlled for extra precision. The SAM range in Australia includes 3.8, 6 and 9 tonne SAM Spreaders.

Recently they have extended into horticulture too with their innovative new SAM Orchard Spreader.

General Manager Tim Ellingham says, “We are thrilled to be extending our bond with Power Farming by partnering with PFG Australia to bring our SAMs to a wider cross-section of Australia.”

Strong. Simple. Smart Spreaders

Tim says, “Our slogan of ‘Strong. Simple. Smart.’ still rings true.”

Smart design has meant SAM Spreaders are popular for their easy to use and maintain ethos. They are also hardworking due to an emphasis on tough construction. They have an even, accurate spread pattern and are renowned for quality and reliability.

Accurate and ISOBUS

TOPCON controlled Spreaders give SAM customers options for even greater accuracy, reporting and control. They offer an alternative to the manual drive set up. The system is based on industry proven technology and decades of international experience.

The Topcon set-up is ISOBUS compatible, intuitive to use and integrated with load cells.

It gives precise control for spreading all types of fertiliser, manure and animal waste. This technology means the correct application rate is applied regardless of changes in forward speed or changes in product density. An electric back door is standard.

This technology is simple and intuitive. Elements are customisable to suit your individual needs. The system is ISOBUS so it can function with any compliant tractor console. Or a separate, generous, 8 1/2" colour touch screen display can be provided. By adding the load cell module, the integrated system will also allow dynamic rate control. This uses the weight of product to check spread rate accuracy on the go.

Design Engineer, Toby Stone says, “this added automation means more traceability and accuracy giving our customers peace-of-mind”.

SAM Orchard Spreader

Avocado, nut, apple, wine grape, hops and other orchard crop growers choose between spreading and banding from their tractor at the touch of a button. The belt reverses - forward for banding/piling, and backwards for spreading. This versatility means a whole range of products can be spread.

From the back it can spread the likes of superphosphate, lime, urea and chicken manure. Or band/pile compost, vermicast, or mulch from the front. All with no change-over time.

The single-axle spreader has a capacity of 2.5 cubic metres. Standard features include an 800-mm wide floor-belt, intuitive computer controller, front and rear safety nudge bars, the back spinner assembly and fixed front conveyor.

With the same practical design and easy-to-use operation that all SAM spreaders are known for, Orchard Spreaders are made to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated operations.

Its front conveyor bands bulk products such as vermicast compost and mulch. The compact conveyor dispenses material to the right hand side of the spreader.

It can apply the material in a line or a pile. The operator has a clear view of the spreading as it takes place. This conveyor is well protected and far less likely to be damaged at the front in full view. It also features a special roller design eliminating tracking issues. It takes a flick of the switch in the cab to instantly start or stop the application. No more anticipating when the product is going to come out. Both conveyors turn off together, meaning the material is preloaded ready for the next run. There is also a handy piling timer built in.

The back-end twin spreader unit can spread granular fertilisers or lime. Most of the rear spreading unit is stainless steel to give the machine a long working life.

The SAM Orchard Spreader’s bin is also stainless steel and corrosion resistant, while the chassis is finished with the new SAM painting procedure that gives extra corrosion protection. The chassis gets a steel grit abrasive blast, and then it receives a thermal-arc pure zinc spray. It’s tough stuff!

Combining quality German hardware with smart technology, the SAM computer controller makes it easy for the operator to choose spreading or banding from a screen in the cab. When spreading they simply enter the spreading rate, density and row width, and away they go. Activating and controlling the speed of the 800-mm wide floor mat in the hopper is simple. The controller is suitable for open cabs due to its high waterproof rating (IP67).

Extra capacity configurations are available to add one or two cube of extra capacity. Custom widths are also available. Spinner attachment options include one for RHS discharge only and one for blocking centre discharge.

The range is rounded out with a SAM Quick Hitch for easy coupling to your implements.

“Genuine SAM gear is built to last. Long-term reliability for our customers is our goal. Our designs are all based on this principle”, says Toby. 

The range:

  • SAM Combo Spreader (manual drive) – with or without scales
  • SAM Combo Spreader (Topcon control)
  • SAM Orchard Spreader
  • SAM Quick hitch
6 T Spreader S 1 v2 Orchard side view 2 1 QH home 1 v2 1 v2