SAM Footprint

09 Aug 2023

At SAM Machinery we are keen to keep investigating ways we can reduce our environmental footprint and improve our sustainability.

Currently the Team:

  • Recycle all scrap metal that is created through our machinery manufacturing, servicing, and repair processes via Global Metal Solutions.
  • All our yellow plastic offcuts are taken back to our plastic bin supplier to remould.
  • We keep our air travel limited to ‘high importance’ only flights.
  • Recycle all our milk bottles etc through Envirowaste.
  • Reduce paper use where possible through new IT systems.
  • The introduction of CNC programming means less steel wastage.
  • Use solvent recovery capture for all solvents. 
  • All cardboard and clean film is separated and recycled through Oji.
  • All of our parts and machinery are made to last for the long term 10-30+ years of working life.
  • Our customers ‘right to repair’ has been part of our DNA since day dot.
  • Try to use local suppliers where possible.
  • We have a range of spreaders  that reuse organic material such as chicken manure and pig manure.
  • Our latest innovations across our range of computer controlled spreaders add precision and accuracy  which can reduce the impact of fertiliser on the environment. They also give peace of mind around proof of placement.