How to operate your Spreader hydraulics


To operate the clutch, follow the instructions found on the front of your plastic Spreader bin. 

The floor-belt has an in/out clutch (including a double acting clutch ram) that is activated automatically from the tractor seat when the hydraulic spinner are started.

To start the hydraulic spinners and engage the clutch, pressurise the live (red) hose. This will place the clutch into gear and start the hydraulic spinners turning.

To stop the hydraulic spinners and place the clutch out of gear, move the hydraulic lever to pressurise the return hose (yellow) for one second, then place the lever to neutral.

The hydraulic spinners and valve control must be coupled to the tractor’s hydraulic system to ensure safe operation.


How does the automatic clutch actually work (Standard Ground drive)?

As the hydraulic spinners are engaged (live hose pressurised) oil opens a hydraulic ram inside the clutch assembly engaging the two ground-drive gears to start the floor.

When the hydraulic spinners are stopped (return hose pressurised) and the lever returned to neutral, the two ground-drive gears are disengaged, stopping the floor-belt.

The system can be engaged or disengaged while moving.