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Farm favourite.


Simplicity  Runs across all SAM decision making. From cutting out the complex through great design, to making sure machinery is simple to use, looks sharp and delivers for you every single day. 

Smart  Means striving to build a workplace where common-sense and constant innovating comes from. We are practical and agile. Always on the look-out for the best - the brightest staff, suppliers, materials, fabrication processes, technology and workmanship.

Strong  SAM Machinery is built for long lasting performance. Reliability across the life-time of your gear in the priority. Keeping your SAM running smoothly is simple with fast and efficient parts and servicing.

Heart  We are a family owned and operated business which gives us a unique perspective - the opposite of corporate! We focus on a work culture where all of the team can bring their best to the table and have real influence.

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Quality gear since 1946.


We make great machinery and stand behind it. We have a foundation of over 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing farming gear.

David Meade, GM (a dairy farmer himself back in the day) understands the daily strains on your time. "We build machinery to deliver year-in and year-out. That is why SAM's are manufactured with superior materials, designed and built with the best craftsmanship and supported with superb back-up."


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From fence posts to farm machinery

Wilfred Coombridge and his business partner began building gates and fences for their local farming community in 1946. Both were farmers and saw an opportunity. Hay elevators came next. Then they bought a welder and a building and they were away. SAM came from an acronym from the names of the inventors of one of the first machines ever purchased to build. 

It wasn't all plain sailing, premises were hit and destroyed by a tornado in 1948, then badly damaged by fire again just two years later. From there, things went from strength to strength expanding into Australia in the early seventies.

Seventy-five years and three generations of Coombridges later they now direct the complete R & D, design, fabrication and delivery of a popular selection of SAM Machinery. The range is sold across Australasia.

Giving back

To offer thanks to the many communities that have given support to SAM Machinery over the seventy-five years they have been in business, we are giving $1000 to various groups in need across the year. 

Recipients have ranged from the agricultural such as Rural Support Trust - doing great things to keep our farmers mentally strong,  health related charities such as, Children's Hospital, Cancer Society and Dementia support. To community volunteers like the firefighters and Coastguard. Wheelchair rugby is also supported. 

Causes suggested by the SAM team, sales people and clients have all been incorporated. If you have thoughts on who should be next, we would really like to hear from you. Your wine fund is not quite what we are after!


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